Turtle Hand – a new fabric discovery

Turtle Hand – a new fabric discovery

I love hand dyed fabrics. They have a unique look that commercial fabrics do not have. Perhaps that’s why I love creating my own textiles.
On my recent trip to QuiltCon, I discovered Turtle Hand fabrics. Hand dyed and printed fabric from Malaysia. Each piece is produced one piece at a time. There is some really unique printing being done by this group of artisans.
Have a look at some of these very modern patterns created by the artisans:

How could I resist? Of course I didn’t!

Working with Tina from Turtle Hand, I am designing a unique quilt using just Turtle Hand fabrics. Here are my starting pieces on the design wall. Hint: flying geese will be making an appearance in this quilt.  We are planning on having this quilt on show at Houston in October this year.  If you are attending the Houston Quilt Festival come along to the Turtle Hand booth and see the finished quilt.

As the design progresses, I will post on my Instagram and Facebook. I have not yet named this design, maybe you have some ideas. Let me know.
In my enthusiasm, I can see this fabric style working well with many of my other patterns.

  • Fish and Chips would be marvelous using blue backgrounds and bright colors for the fish.
  • Stained Glass would be beautiful with some art panels for some of the pieces and jewel batik prints for other pieces. Sash these with one of the gorgeous Malaysian marbles to set it all off.
  • Either of my bag patterns, Angle Tote Bag  or Paint Chip Tote Bag would work a treat.
  • How about a Turtle Hand Art Panel cut up for a Flower Power bed quilt!

I could go on and on…


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