What I Do

Leslie Edwards: Quilt Design & Textiles


Working with textiles has been a lifetime passion of mine. My mother taught me to embroider at eight and I started sewing my own clothes from the age of 10. I have always been highly tuned to the ways colors, textures, and styles can work magic.

On holiday to Nairobi in 1983, I was blown away by the riot of color being worn by the African women. I bought more than 30 meters of fabric despite having no idea about how I was going to use it.

My fascination with Africa continued with a trip several years later to West Africa. Fabric was everywhere in colorful piles and hanging in market stalls. I couldn’t stop myself. At the end of a 2 month trip I had accumulated 80 meters of fabric. At this point I had never quilted but ideas started to swim around in my head.

On this trip I met my husband, Glen, an Australian with a shared passion for travel on the wild side. We married a year later after a long distance courtship and I shifted to Melbourne, bringing my fabric collection along.

I began quilting after I moved to Australia and found myself in Melbourne with time on my hands and a trunk full of fabrics. I attended a quilting course and made a sampler quilt combining different traditional blocks. I was hooked!

That was 22 years ago and since then I have explored the many different styles and techniques in quilting. In more recent times, I have experimented with creating my own fabrics and textures. Read my Blog for some articles on my fabric dyeing experiments. I find there are never enough hours in the day to complete the quilts waiting to get out of my head.

I decided to start Quilting Fabrications to share these ideas with the wider quilting community. I hope you enjoy making these quilts as much as I did.