Bushfire Quilt Pattern now available

M y latest quilt design “Bushfire” is now available for immediate download.

I’m pleased to say the scrappy quilt I mentioned in my last Blog is now available in my shop. As you will see it is a very flexible pattern. I have provided directions for three sizes – Crib, Lap and Queen.

Here are some pictures of the Lap size version using a gray background and scraps of reds, pinks and oranges.

Full view of the bushfire quilt

Bushfire quilt design

Close-up view showing the use of my colour scraps

Close-up view showing the use of my colourful scrap pieces

I made an alternate colorway in the Crib size using a green Kona cotton called Pea Soup. Instead of scraps for the small pieces, I used one range of fabric. It’s very bright and cheerful.

Bushfire quilt in alternate colourway

Alternate colourway for the Bushfire quilt pattern

Bushfire in the playground

Bushfire in the playground

The potential for colours selections is endless using this pattern. I can see using a gold background fabric with blue highlight fabrics or how about an autumn version using a plum background with green and gold highlights.

What colour combinations would you use?

Additional details and pictures of this pattern are on the Bushfire Quilt Pattern page.

If you need a fun project why not give it a try…

Happy quilting,


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