Fabric Dyeing Workshops

Join me at one of my fabric dyeing workshops

If you follow my Blog you will soon realise that I love experimenting with dyeing my own fabric.  Not a week goes by without thinking about ways to create fabric for my various projects.

I thought why not share this knowledge and inspire others to experiment with dyeing their own fabric. It is addictive, at times messy, but in good company, great fun. The results can be unpredictable, but often you will come across a piece that is simply amazing. Each piece is unique – all made with your own hands!

The workshop numbers are limited, so plenty of personal attention for all is assured. Why not join me to explore the world of dyeing your own fabric?


My final two Australian workshop dates for 2018.

Fabric Dyeing 2 Ways (Ice & Eco Dyeing)


  • Workshop 1 – Sat 5th & Sun 6th May
  • Workshop 2 – Sat 27th & Sun 28th October

Location: Mansfield, Victoria

The 2 day workshop covers:
Ice-dyeing (6 fat quarters provided) –

  • Colour selection information
  • Instruction on fabric preparation
  • Instruction on setting up your dyeing for maximum results

Eco-dyeing on silk – 2 pieces provided (silk scarf  & raw silk wall hanging) –

  • Foliage collection over 7 acres (also bring your own to try)
  • Instruction and fabric preparation
  • Instruction on foliage preparation
  • How to create a “packet” for steaming
  • Packets will be steamed and revealed on Sunday


Let’s start my 2019 workshop season with:-

Summer Fabric Dyeing with Sun, Bleach & Ice

Dates:   Sat 16th & Sun 17th March

Location: Mansfield, Victoria

At this 2 day workshop you will learn:

    • Sun dyeing (2 pieces provided)
      Sun printing on fabric lets you use leaves from your garden or other interesting objects to create beautiful patterns.  Sun dyed fabric may be used in quilting, framed art or clothing.
    • Removing colour with bleach (2 pieces provided)
      Bleaching is a surface altering method that involves removing colour instead of adding it. It works best with very dark fabric.
    • Ice dyeing (6 fat quarters provided)
      Get creative using layers of fabric, ice and dyes.

What is Ice-Dyeing?

A selection of ice dyed fabric

A selection of ice dyed fabric

Ice-dyeing fabric is the art of layering ice and dyes to create textile prints.The process is reasonably straight forward, yet produces amazing results. It definitely has a WOW factor.

Beware, it is very addictive!

The workshop provides you with the basics that you can expand on further.





What is Eco-Dyeing?

Raw material for eco-dyeing

Raw material for eco-dyeing

Eco-dyeing uses vegetation from the environment to transfer shape and colour onto fabric. In this workshop you experience the entire process of collection, preparation, steaming, washout and viewing your creations.

Eco-dyeing produces pieces that have a range of wonderful subtle shapes and colours.






$290/person, includes all materials except gloves, includes Saturday and Sunday lunch and morning/afternoon tea/coffee



The workshop is held in the beautiful Victorian high country. We are located 15 minutes from Mansfield on a 7 acre property.  From Melbourne’s northern or south-eastern suburbs, Mansfield is approx. 2 hours’ drive. Mansfield is a popular tourist area and offers a range of accommodation options for all tastes.


Like to find out more?

Why not join me to explore the world of dyeing your own fabric? Come yourself or with  a group of friends. I can arrange special dates for groups of 6 or more.

If you would like to receive our Workshop Brochure or find out more, contact me: