Going around and around in circles

For some inexplicable reason, I have become obsessed with circles during this pandemic isolation. Because I can, I have been doing quite a bit of fabric dyeing and discharging. Discharging is the process of taking the color out of fabric. Using this process, I clamp plastic itajime shibori templates to the material, remove color then keeping the material clamped, I then add a different color. Sometimes I will go through this process several times before I am satisfied with the result.

During this process, I began to fall in love with the circles I was creating using different sizes of itajime circle templates. Some came out looking like little alien planets. Some took on a more ethereal quality. They all showed potential for including in my quilting projects.

The pandemic has allowed me the time to explore using these little planets in quilts. I have been creating a series of smaller quilts with my circle work. The following photos show some of these quilts created over the past few weeks.

I have now embarked on a larger project using circles throughout the quilt. I’m delighted with the result. Here is my progress picture so far.

Quilt design using hand-dyed circles
Quilt design using hand-dyed circles

As usual, you can follow the progress of this quilt and many more on my Instagram feed.

I believe adding some of my circles is a great way to enhance my quilt designs. I will continue my journey.

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Posted by Leslie Edwards

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