Desert Dreaming Quilt Pattern now published

M y latest quilt design, Desert Dreaming, has hit the Quilting Fabrications website!

Best summed up as, once again seduced by a piece of fabric!

When I saw the Australian fabric, Terra Australis by Ella Blue, it immediately spoke to me of a new quilt design based on triangles.  Download the  Terra Australis brochure and you’ll see why it caught my imagination.  Link to ->>  Ella Blue Terra Australis fabric range

The design uses a series of triangles arranged to provide visual interest.  In the original quilt, I used the Terra Australis range with a light grey Essex Linen to provide some texture.  My alternate colorway quilt has florals offset by stark white fabric.  The design also lends itself to using fat quarters if you wish to use more than 8 different prints.

I can also see this pattern working by using one or two colours from your stash.  This is a fun pattern to play around with. Pull out the stash and have a go!


For additional details and pictures of this pattern, visit the Desert Dreaming Quilt Pattern page.

I hope you have fun with this pattern. I enjoyed making it!



Posted by Leslie

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