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Art Quilt Exhibition “Beyond The Stitch”

Three friends, Fran Batrouney, Leslie Edwards and Jann Haggart, each display their unique approaches to textile art. Lockdowns created a good atmosphere for these three friends to indulge in an extended period of creativity.

My Showcase 2023

My Showcase 2023

My quilting friends know that I like to experiment with hand-dyed fabric and using the pieces more non-traditionally. At the Vic Quilters Showcase 2023 this year, I entered a quilt of my design made entirely from Turtle Hand hand-dyed batik fabrics.

Moving on from 2020

Moving on from 2020

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. For my business, markets stopped, and teaching events were non-existent. That released me to become extremely creative in a weird way.

Eco-dyed silk revealed

Video – Unwrapping eco-dyed silk parcels

Recently I have been eco-dyeing a lot of silk fabric. As with most hand-dyed fabric, you are never really sure what the result will be.

Going around and around in circles

Going around and around in circles

For some inexplicable reason, I have become obsessed with circles during this pandemic isolation.

Happy Dance pattern

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