Printing PDF Patterns FAQ

Having problems with scaling your PDF printouts?

Quilting Fabrications download PDF pattern files are set to print on either ISO A4 or US Letter size paper.

For best printing results, you may need to turn off any scaling (size) options in your computers Print dialog box.  This is most important when printing out any pattern templates to their correct scale.

All of our download patterns have been tested on several different types of printers.  If you experience problems with achieving correct scale, try the information below:

Note, the Print dialog box may look different, depending on your printer model and PDF reader software installed.

Correct settings to look for are:

  • “Printing to scale” or “No Scale” Or “Print Scaling: None” are checked., or
  • “Properties” Print to scale: 100%”, or
  • “Size options “ : actual size, or
  • “Disable shrink to fit” .

In the example below, the Adobe Reader software default for Size Options is “Fit”, this needs to be changed to “Actual Size “ to scale correctly.


PDF printer settings

PDF printer settings