Over the years, I have developed a range of classes and workshops covering some of my favourite subjects.

Here is a summary of classes I offer covering hand-stitching, techniques and quilting. Note the duration shown is maximum time, classes may be tailored to shorter times if desired.

If you would like me to teach at your event, please get in touch via the Contact page to discuss your needs.

Hand Stitching

Boro’d From Japan – non-traditional hand piecing
Boro'd from Japan Class

Boro’d from Japan Class example

Boro is the Japanese art of mending. The word “Boro” means “ragged” or “tattered” in Japanese. It was an art form used by rural women to patch clothes, bedding, curtains and anything fabric oriented.
The process for this class is very simple, we use vibrant fabrics and Sashiko threads to make a boro-inspired piece that can then be used to create cushions, small quilt, journal covers etc.

Duration: one day class, suitable for all skill levels



Walkabout Stitching – explore your inner creativity through free-form stitching
Walkabout Stitching class

Walkabout Stitching example

Explore the wild side of stitchery through this no rules class.
Access your creativity in a dynamic hand stitchery class exploring the juxtaposition of colour and texture while making a small art quilt.
Using hand dyed fabrics, you will stitch across the landscape of your piece allowing the colour and shape to guide you. There is no marking of the fabric. You will learn to be guided by the shapes.

Duration: one day class, suitable for all skill levels




Technique Classes

Using Shards of Colour to Create Your Own Fabric
Shards quilt class

Shards quilt class example

Have you ever worked for days on a quilt only to stand back and see a blob staring back at you with no visible punch? This workshop teaches you how to add random shards of colour to your piecing to add zest to a medium tone piece. Learn how to piece without a pattern and design on the fly. You will create your own piece of fabric which can be cut up to form a quilt.

Kits available on request.

Duration: half or one day class, suitable for everyone.



Panelicious – improvisational piecing around an Art panel
Panelicious quilt class

Panelicious quilt example

Have you ever found an art panel you love but just do not know what to do with it? Good news: art panels make beautiful quilts. As quilters we want more challenge than simply putting borders around the panel.

Learn how to use improvisational piecing around a panel and balance colour and shape to create a beautiful and unique quilt. The size of your art panel will dictate the size of your finished quilt.

Kits available on request.

Duration: two day class,


Random Heart (43 inches square)
Random Heart class

Random Heart example

Making this sampler quilt offers you experience in plenty of essential techniques: flying geese, paper piecing, Seminole patchwork, half square triangles, log cabin, improvisational stars, and fusible web appliqué.

However it’s the free-form construction technique that ensures every participant will end up with a totally personalised end product. A favourite method of mine, you put your quilt together by adding random fabric pieces as the spirit and design moves you. This hones your ability to visualise and design your own quilts.

Duration: 2 day class, suitable for Beginner to Advanced



Quilt Classes

Framed (quilt size 43 inches square)
Framed quilt design made with African print

Framed quilt example

A quilt design for using art panels, large prints or hand-dyed fabric.

This pattern maintains the artist’s interpretation while putting your own spin on it. In this version, the cutting is done in a particular order to keep the integrity of the panel. It is designed to appear as though you are looking at a scene through a “window ”, hence the name “Framed”. The sashing provides the visual contrast to the panel.

Duration: 2 day class, suitable for Beginner to Intermediate



Fish & Chips (quilt size 41 x 57 inches)
Finished Fish and Chips quilt on the design wall

Finished Fish and Chips example

Use fusible web and improvisational piecing techniques to create this fun and easy fish themed quilt.

Fish are so much fun to use in pattern design because they lend themselves to an enormous range of fabric colours and textures. You will have five fish blocks to work with – all of different sizes and shapes… and the tantalising randomness of the improvised chunky chip blocks may just liberate you from the tyranny of perfect right angle forever!

Duration: 2 day class, suitable for Beginner to Advanced



Enchanted Forest: 2 quilts from one class – Quilt 1, 49 x 30 inches / Quilt 2, 35 inches square
Enchanted Forest quilts

Two “Enchanted Forest” quilts

You will be enchanted in this class as one (very careful and somewhat intricate) cut nets you two stunning blocks. The class explores the virtues of positive and negative images in design.

Using fusible web, you will create two quilts out of one set of trees. You will have the opportunity to play with colour and texture, then use buttons or random pieces of fusible fabric to add leaves and fruit to your fairy tale trees.

Duration: 2 day class, suitable for confident Beginner to Advanced


Trip into Taupe  ( quilt size 48 x 54 inches)
Trip into Taupe class

Trip into Taupe example

This fun stash buster quilt originated as a way of stepping outside my own colour safety zone. I am a strong-colour woman, but having been seduced by the siren-song of subtle taupes, I wanted to see where that would lead me… the trip was short but enjoyable!

This class provides you the opportunity to experiment with tones and textures creating a monochromatic, yet interesting background. You will then step it up a notch and add contrasting colours and shapes to create drama and movement to your finished quilt.

Duration: 2 day class, suitable for Beginner to Advanced


Constellation: (quilt size 50 x 65 inches)
Constellation quilt class

Constellation quilt example

Explore the universe with Constellation!

This class will teach you how to make improvisational stars in two sizes. The stars are melded together with blocks of different sizes to create an interesting and fun quilt. Play with colour and pattern to achieve stars that pop and sparkle.

Duration: 2 day class, suitable for Intermediate to Advanced