Fun at the Autumn Fabric Dyeing Workshop

Autumn is a wonderful time to dye fabric. The temperatures are not too hot and not too cold. I particularly like eco-dyeing in the Autumn because the leaves are so plentiful as they fall from the trees.

In April, I conducted a Fabric Dyeing Workshop at my property near Mansfield, Victoria. We combined ice dyeing and eco-dyeing over the two days. We started off folding fabric into different designs for our ice dyeing buckets. As you can see in the pictures, folding adds interesting geometric shapes to the result. Everyone got their own bucket to play with their own colours. Buckets sit for 24 hours to allow the ice to melt before the great reveal. The results were pretty spectacular for everyone.

While the ice was melting, we got to work on our eco-dyeing bundles. Several of us tramped through my seven acre property collecting giant eucalyptus leaves and other interesting shapes. We combined that with all the lovely greenery brought by the participants. Eco-dyeing is about experimenting with all types of botanical material. You are never really sure what the result will look like.
The collected botanical material

The collected botanical material – anything goes

Bundles were put on to steam Sunday morning. Several burners were going!

An old fish poacher makes a wonderful steamer…
The eco packets are now ready for the steaming process

The eco packets are now ready to begin the steaming process

The exciting reveal happened on Sunday afternoon! Results were fabulous!

More workshops are scheduled for later this year. I’m just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit. Join us in October or November for the Spring dyeing workshops! Bring a friend or arrange a group outing!

My workshop schedule, click here to find out more ->> Fabric Dyeing Workshops

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