Houston Quilt Show Classes

Classes Galore at the 2014 Houston Quilt Show!

When attending the Houston International Quilt Show this year, I signed up for seven classes! This seemed a little extreme but I figured I should take advantage of the opportunity.

The range of classes offered at Houston is wonderful, something for everyone. The Quiltmaking Academy offered 400+ classes and lectures to 5000 students – can’t help to find classes to suit all tastes. I usually try to attend the “creative” classes that stretch the imagination with new concepts and techniques.

Here are a few of the highlights.

My first day I attended a class given by Paula Nadelstern called Simple Symmetry.

It taught a very involved system of creating templates from a bilateral fabric so you can cut and sew them into kaleidoscope blocks. Visit Paula’s website for some examples of kaleidoscope quilting.

Here is a photo of the striped fabric I started out with and the blocks sewn together.

Sewing that striped fabric did my head in a bit but it was worth it in the end. Love my finished blocks.

Simple Symmetry
That evening I attended a free motion quilting class given by Laura Heine. Here is one of her beautiful quilts:
 Laura Heine quilt design
Have a look at my results after a couple of hours trying out Laura’s quilting designs:

I will definitely use some of this in my future work.

 Laura Heine free motion quilting
I think my favourite class was Brush Strokes on Fabric with Heather Thomas. Here I discovered the joys of using Tsukineko Inks. After this class I went out and stocked up on inks to bring home and create more fabric pieces! I now have a more extensive brush collection as well.
using Tsukineko Inks

Seven classes in 7 days, exhausted, but I’ve learnt so much!

Can’t wait to put it to use,

Posted by Leslie Edwards

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