Springtime fabric dyeing fun

We had another wonderful fabric dyeing workshop this past weekend. The weather was stunning and my lovely new friends, Louise, Gill and Sue, made beautiful pieces.

We spent two days ice-dyeing and eco-dyeing. Day one is spent setting everything up. We folded our fabrics, set up our ice buckets, gathered leaves for eco-dyeing and bundled up our silk packets to steam.

Day two is all about the reveal! First we unpacked our ice buckets. Look at these marvellous results:


While the ice-dye pieces were drying, we opened our steamed eco-dye packets. Opening eco-dye is always a wonder!


After drying and ironing, everything goes up on the design wall for all to admire:


And thanks to my good friend, Sarah, we were all fortified throughout the day with delicious food!


My next workshop will be the weekend of February 10-11, 2018. We will be ice-dyeing, bleaching and sun-dyeing. Here’s a quick peek at what you could be doing in February!

Sun dyeing fabric is a very creative process

Sun dyeing fabric is a very creative process

Like to know more?

Check out my Workshop page.

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