Adventures at Pacific International Quilt Festival 2013

A s part of my world quilting expedition, in mid-October, I attended the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California with my sister.
This year we decided to take a class on Day 1 then use Day 2 for viewing the quilt exhibition.

We started Day 1 by taking a class with Frieda Anderson in fusing. Frieda is well know in quilting circles for her use of fusing to make inspiring modern quilts. From the beginning Frieda was funny and welcoming. It was a bit different from my European Quilt Festival class experience in that everyone spoke English.

Frieda got us working immediately ironing hand-dyed fabrics provided by her for our piece. The class aim was to make a version of her Autumn Mums quilt.

Autumn Mums pattern

Autumn Mums pattern

In this class, working with Wonder Under paper-backed fusible web, we made an entire quilt top without a sewing machine!

The quilt is made using these 4 basic steps:

1/ Apply fusible web to a large piece of fabric then remove paper in one piece[

Applying the fusible web paper

Applying the Wonder-Under to a large piece of fabric

2/ Cut out pieces from your fused fabric as per the pattern
Cutting from the fused fabric

Cutting pieces from the fused fabric

3/ Arrange overlapping pieces on the release paper from your fusible web then fuse using a hot iron.
Arranging the overlapping pieces

Arranging the overlapping pieces

4/ The flowers are cut and fused as a unit before adding to the background.
Flower arranging

Flower arranging

Working all day at our quilts, the class produced some terrific results.

Due to the use of hand-dyed fabric, every quilt looked a little different.

Final assembly

Final assembly

The free motion quilting was added after I returned home to complete my piece.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the result….

My completed Autumn Mums quilt

My completed Autumn Mums quilt

This was a fun technique that I will be using again in my quilting. Imagine – a quilt without sewing!!!


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