Introducing the “Metro” quilt pattern

I would like to announce the release of my latest quilt pattern “Metro”.
The quilt design is titled “Metro” as a friend suggested it reminded her of city train tracks.

Metro alternate colorway quilt top

Metro alternate colorway quilt top

Metro quilt design on couch

Metro quilt design on couch

Metro is a contemporary “masculine” quilt design, containing bold lines and suitable for using strong fabric colour choices. Excellent quilt for beginners or advanced quilters needed a quick project.

TIP: As this quilt includes strong colours and bold lines, it is important that colour balance is maintained within the quilt.

I recommend before assembly laying the quilt blocks out on a floor or design wall and then moving pieces around to achieve your desired colour balance.

Quilt design layout before assembly

Quilt design layout before assembly

Additional details of this pattern, including purchasing for immediate download are on the Metro Quilt Pattern page.

If you need a quick project why not give it a try…

Happy quilting,


Posted by Leslie Edwards

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