California Dreaming

I recently had occasion to make a trip to California.

While there, I engaged in a bit of retail therapy (of course) and visited as many quilt shops as I could fit into my trip. I found so many beautiful new quilting fabrics which never make it to Australia – except in my suitcase!!

I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a preview of some sample “acquisitions”.

After visiting a few fabric shops I noticed that I was collecting a selection of red fabrics. I didn’t intentionally go out to buy reds, it just happened!

Here are some examples of my reds.

I had a bit of a “red” moment

I had a bit of a “red” moment

My selection of muted fabrics. These will be great to use as backgrounds.
 muted background fabric

Some lovely muted backgrounds

Here’s a sample of some feature fabrics that I look forward to using in future projects. I already have a couple of ideas brewing for new designs!
New feature fabrics

New feature fabrics

Marimekko is Finnish designed fabric using big prints. One day, I found a shop selling discontinued Marimekko prints – this is exciting as I like the use of colour, shapes and patterns of the Marimekko fabrics in modern quilts.

This is a preview of my Marimekko fabric:

Coco likes Marimekko

Coco also likes Marimekko

I thought this green Marimekko fabric would make a great alternate for my Enchanted Forest pattern so I did a sample block. I used the green with a bright red for the negative view and put the green cut-out onto deep plum for the positive view.

I like it, but what do you think of the results?

Alternate colors for my Enchanted Forest pattern

Alternate colours for my Enchanted Forest pattern

If you find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area make sure you visit two of my favourite quilt fabric stores: Stone Mountain and Daughter and New Pieces Quilt Store, both in Berkeley and worth a visit.

I certainly missed my girls while I was away.
Don’t think they noticed I was gone

Don’t think they noticed I was gone!

I’ll have some new Blogs shortly,


Posted by Leslie

  1. Love these new fabrics Leslie … colours and patterns are so special and very different to what is available here in Australia. I’m a big fan of your work!


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