Exciting New Quilt Fabric Range – What do you think?

While at Maureen’s shop a new fabric shipment came in. One feature fabric in particular caught my eye,

I am in love with these big flowers – this fabric is Daydream 3 Flower Bomb by Camelot Cottons.

I’m at work now getting a pattern designed to go with this feature fabric. The flower panels are pretty big – 21 x 24 inches. There will be no shortage of colour in this quilt!

This is the Hibiscus flower panel
Hibiscus flower print

Quilt Fabric – Hibiscus flower print

This panel is the Iris flower
Iris flower print

Quilt fabric – Iris flower print

And finally, this one is the Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily flower print

Quilt fabric – Tiger Lily flower print

To show the fabric off to its maximum means it will end up as a large quilt. I’m thinking possibly a bed size quilt to be able to utilise all four flowers.

Of course I always like to ask for comments from Coco and Ruby, my expert fabric consultants.

Fabric selection

Coco and Ruby consulting on my new flower fabric

What do you think? Are you comfortable using large , bold prints in your Quilts?


Posted by Leslie Edwards

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