DayDreams III Flower Bomb print

Introducing Flower Power bed quilt pattern

The challenges of using large print fabrics in your quilts! December was the month to complete my new bed sized quilt pattern using Stephanie Brandenburg’s DayDreams III Flower Bomb fabric. This fabric is a riot

Tropical plants3

Tropical light can inspire quilt designs

Tropical light – another source of inspiration in quilt fabric selection! Inspiration takes many forms. Glen and I recently took a week off and flew to Port Douglas in tropical Far North Queensland for a

Daisy flower print

Exciting New Quilt Fabric Range – What do you think?

While at Maureen’s shop a new fabric shipment came in. One feature fabric in particular caught my eye, I am in love with these big flowers – this fabric is Daydream 3 Flower Bomb by

My Quilt Exhibition

First Exhibition of my Quilt Designs

What a busy week it’s been! Last Friday and Saturday I had my first quilt exhibition hosted by Palm Beach Quilting in Carrum Downs, south-east of Melbourne. Thanks to Maureen for allowing me to move

Coco and Ruby the quilting kittens

Welcome to my Quilting Fabrications blog!

Welcome to my Quilting Fabrications blog!

With this blog I would like to discuss all things quilting. I started quilting about 20 years ago and have been sewing for many more. With quilting I found a creative outlet that let me express myself in color and texture in a myriad of ways. After filling my house (and the houses of friends and family) I have decided to take the leap and design quilts as a business.

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Happy Dance pattern

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